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Advanced Tags & Prefixes

Advanced Tags & Prefixes 3.1.9

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Thread starter #1
TocToc45 submitted a new resource:

Advanced Tags & Prefixes - Utilities and Stats

About This File
Do you feel limited by the tag system or prefixes?

This application enhances IPS 4's built-in tag and prefix system. It adds custom styling and fine-grained control over prefixes, plus new settings, enhancements, and helpful moderation tools. Prefixes are explicitly created through the Admin CP, and can be chosen from a separate prefix dropdown when creating a topic or other prefix-enabled content.

But let's be realistic: You want to be sure before...
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Thread starter #2
TocToc45 updated Advanced Tags & Prefixes with a new update entry:

Advanced Tags & Prefixes 3.1.9

This release targets IPS 4.2. Backwards compatibility to 4.0 is likely, but not guaranteed.
  • Added tentative support for Clubs forums (settings can be edited via Club forums in admin).
  • Added tentative support for tag quick-editing on frontend. Note: Prefixes fall back to default functionality in that context; this is unavoidable.
  • Refactored Manage Tags section to fix SQL grouping errors and paging quirks.
  • Improved caching performance.
  • Fixed some instances of tag...
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