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[RSS Feed/News] Swiper Slider

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Swiper Slider

Swiper Slider slider is a modern touch slider, You can add fully controllable and customizable slides, comes with a lot of options and customization's to work the way you desire.
You can configure the slider to show on specific pages or exclude it anywhere you want.

Note: This slider application is not developed to show forum topics, pages records or contents from any other applications, at least not in this version for now.
This is simply made to create custom slides but in feature updates i will possibly be adding automatic settings to pull forum topics, pages records, downloads files, gallery images...etc to show in the slider


  • Excludable from showing on any applications you have installed, You can also exclude it from showing on any "Pages" pages.
  • Highly customizable options, Add custom slider width or auto width, Change slider height, margin's, padding's Height, loop mode, Show navigation or Pagenition, Autoplay, Show slider author...etc)
  • Change slide effects, Texture or color overlays effects...etc
  • Hide on mobiles and/or tablets.
  • Set permissions for who can see/add/edit sliders.
  • Each sliders can have different options regarding the background image and permissions.

    See screenshots below for more information...

Slider settings

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